Is the film industry a harbinger of what the tech and venture world could look like in 30 years?

Filmmaking is 125 yrs old. Venture capital is 70 yrs old. So VC is in the equivalent of 1960s filmmaking. The next 20–30yrs could be AMAZING.

It’s Saturday night and I’m so knee deep in a Sandy Bullock + Modern Family marathon, that USA should have had me clock in hours ago. Right around the time I started creating a powerpoint graph of Modern Family child actors in order of acting chops over each season, I thought of something…

1960’s cinema…pretty exciting, amiright? Fastforward a decade and you have the Godfather, Cleopatra Jones, Star Wars, Coocoo’s Nest, Rocky Horror, plus a vagillion others. I mean, come…ON.

The 80s brought us The Color Purple, John Hughes movies, the Back to the Future trilogy, Adventures in Babysitting, A League of Their Own, all sorts of Cathy Bates, and the finest film of all time: Beaches. But then…THEN: the 90s truly put a wrinkle in time as far as filmmaking is concerned. Just google it, bro. It was mind-altering. Life-changing. All ‘lat.

I’m 35 now. So my hope is that by the time I’m my mom’s age (66), venture capital would have absolutely exploded, and had more than a significant part in doing that thing we all talk about on the daily: changing…the world! (*insert several echoes here*).

This is SO simple and has no root in fact whatsoever , but the internet allows such transgressions, so who cares. I’m not a rocket surgeon, but it stands to reason that by the time I’m 50, we will have seen some mind-blowing innovation, and anyone who is lucky enough to be a player in the world of tech today or who onboards in the next 1–8 years will be considered pioneers by future teenagers who think “selfie sticks” are some kinda tempura dish.

You thought Facebook, SpaceX, Twitter, Uber, Myspace, Instagram, Slack, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and even GOOGLE were a big deal? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, my friends.

Most importantly IMO, diversity in tech is turning a hella large corner this year…made more evident by Wayne Sutton’s new think piece, Necole’s account of why having 18 of 600 Forbes 30 under 30 tech geniuses being black women affected her personally, and Diddy’s Revolt TV’s high profile piece on The New & Diverse Leaders of Technology.

Exponential change is on the come up in many ways. So 2 years from now, it’ll be like WHOA. 5 years from now, you won’t be able to swing a cat wearing a fedora without hitting four or five black engineers in a room of 10. LGBT folks, women, Latinos, would have IPO’d. Is it wrong that this is my utopia?

I sure hope not cause I’m banking on it.

Bottom line in this weird string of thought? Get into tech. Read, learn, code, sell, market, account, CEO, network, incubate, accelerate, embrace, fun. So we can create a legacy, and be more than our credit scores. Let us RIDE!

I’m the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, a seed investment fund that backs high-potential, underrepresented startup founders. I am also a tour manager, currently working with New Zealand Music Award winner Janine & the Mixtape.

For interviews or to set up one-on-one “office hour” sessions at your event, email with the subject “interview request,” or “conference appearance request,” etc.

Venture Capitalist + Tour Manager for Janine & The Mixtape

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