Announcing $1,000,000 in my online course scholarships for displaced college students!

4 min readApr 18, 2020

Over the past nearly 5 years, I’ve seen what bold things can happen when someone gives you your first ‘YES’. After several years of looking for help and resources for my investment fund, Backstage Capital, an angel investor named Susan Kimberlin (MIT grad) came through! And since then, I’ve taken that vote of confidence and turned it into 6,000 startups screened, 130+ investments made, millions of $ raised, generated, and invested, hundreds of jobs created, and countless dreams realized.

Late last year, my mother, Mrs. Earline Sims, and I announced the Arlan Hamilton & Earline Butler Sims Scholarship, which launched with the first ever full-ride undergrad scholarship for a Black scholar at Oxford University, as well as one for a Black woman who is getting her Psychology degree from HBCU Dillard in New Orleans. We have also matched funds for a Black woman who is getting her pilot’s license in Greece, and one in NYC who is studying to be a sound engineer.

…and this year, my non-profit Cover matched funds for one of my favorite organizations,, and has been providing PPE for essential workers thanks to kind donations from all over the country.

2,778 free seats to my new course…

→Today I am proud to announce that I am defering up to $1,000,000 in revenue to serve as scholarships for my online business course, How to Raise Capital for Your Company from Scratch. This special arrangement is for college/university students or graduating high school seniors (from any demographic/background) who have been studying from home due to coronavirus closures. ← (undergrads-only)

There’s no catch. I just want you to thrive!

This course today costs $360, and is already changing people’s lives.

If you are a college/university student or high school senior, and want to sign up but aren’t sure if you should take the course, or allow someone else your seat, there are preview videos and this flow-chart I built last week will help you decide:

Zoom in!

How to Enroll

  • If you are a college/university student (undergrads-only) or high school senior, and want one of the $360 scholarships to How to Raise Capital for your Company from Scratch, text me at 832-210–1276 with #2020ismyyear (important: 1. no other words or text with it, 2. no spaces, and 3. be sure to use the hashtag) and I’ll respond soon with the code to get in.

[For quality control, I will also screen and randomly choose ~10% of all scholarship students to verify school credentials.]

  • The number above is for U.S. and Canada-only. I will work on opening up to other locations soon, so check back often!
  • This starts today, April 18, 2020, and there are 2,778 free seats available. So if you are a student or know any who would benefit from this course, send them this article and let them know before it runs out. (undergrads-only)
  • If you are not a student and would like to join, use code ‘ScholarshipAlly’ at checkout for 20% off.
  • This is a no-credit course, and not affiliated with any school but the one of hard knocks:)

Want more info? Check out the Harvard Business case study that was written about me and my company in 2018. I’ve also spoken at Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, Stanford, UNC/Duke alliance, MIT, Oxford, and on many other campuses.


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